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Circuit Ideas
1A Simple Musical LightSep 2012
2Versatile Object CounterJul 2012
3Dynamic Vibgyor with RGB LEDOct 2012
48-bit Generator and Display For MicrocontrollerMay 2011
5Electronic Dice Using AT89C2051Jun 2010
6Simple Message Display SystemJan 2007
7Atmel AVR ISP DongleFeb 2005
8Microcontroller-Based Monitoring SystemOct 2004
Construction Projects
1Wi-Fi Embedded WebcamSep 2013
2Propeller Message Display with Temperature IndicatorJul 2013
3Calculator Using Postfix NotationDec 2013
4Home Automation Through BluetoothNov 2013
5Standalone GPS Receiver with LCD DisplayJan 2013
6GPS- and GSM-Based Vehicle Tracking SystemSep 2012
7AVR Bootloader Circuit for Trouble-free ProgrammingSep 2012
8Simple Line-Following RobotJul 2012
9RF-Based Multiple Device Control Using MicrocontrollerJun 2012
10Port Interfacing In Java Through MicrocontrollerMay 2012
11Real-Time ClockDec 2012
12Microcontroller-Based Intelligent Traffic Light SystemJan 2012
13Interfacing Sensor with ADC of AVR Microcontroller Aug 2011
14Microcontroller-Based Electronic CalculatorAug 2011
15Microcontroller-Based Light ChaserJul 2011
16Serial Communications with AVR Microcontroller Jul 2011
17Microcontroller-based Scientific CalculatorJun 2011
18AVR Programmer Using AVR910 ProtocolJun 2011
19Tutorial on ATmega32 Development Board (Part 2 of 2)Apr 2011
20Tutorial on ATmega32 Development Board (Part 1 of 2)Mar 2011
21Storing Data on I2C EEPROM Using AVR MicrocontrollerMar 2011
22Interfacing Nokia Colour LCD With AVR MicrocontrollerFeb 2011
23Moving Message Display On LCDDec 2011
24Microcontroller-Based Morse Code EncoderNov 2011
25Robotic ArmNov 2011
26Microcontroller-Based Clock Using DS1307Oct 2011
27A Beginners’ Guide to ATMEL AVR DevelopmentJan 2011
28Make Your Own Digital Alarm ClockSep 2010
29Wireless Equipment Control Using AT89C51Aug 2010
30Voltage Stabiliser Using PIC16F877AAug 2010
31PIC Microcontroller-based Electronic LockJun 2010
32PIC16F877A-based Temperature Monitoring SystemMay 2010
33Eight-Channel Data Acquisition & Logging SystemApr 2010
34Microcontroller-based Serial Data Transfer to PCFeb 2010
35Microcontroller-Based Solar ChargerSep 2009
36High-Current DC Motor ControllerJul 2009
37Microcontroller-based DC Motor ControllerJun 2009
38Microcontroller-Based Moving-Message DisplayApr 2009
39Microcontroller-based Ring Tone PlayerMar 2009
40Designing Low-Power Products Using MSP430 Microcontroller (Part 2 of 2)Feb 2009
41Microcontroller-based Temperature IndicatorFeb 2009
42AT89C52-Based RoboCarNov 2009
43Microcontroller-based Pranayam TimerOct 2009
44RPM Counter Using Microcontroller AT89C4051Oct 2009
45Designing Low-Power Products Using MSP430 Microcontroller (Part 1 of 2)Jan 2009
46Four-Channel Analogue-to-Digital ConverterSep 2008
47Microcontroller-based Temperature MeterSep 2008
48Microcontroller-Based Inductance MeterAug 2008
49Microcontroller-Based Heart-Rate MeterMay 2008
50Microcontroller-Based Capacitance MeterApr 2008
52Microcontroller-Based DC Motor Speed ControllerMar 2008
53Microcontroller-based Ultrasonic Distance MeterFeb 2008
54Microcontroller-based LED Light ChaserDec 2008
55Microcontroller-based Speedometer-Cum-OdometerNov 2008
56Microcontroller-based TachometerJan 2008
57Interfacing a Graphics LCD with the MicrocontrollerSep 2007
58Microcontroller-based Graphics DisplayJul 2007
59Microcontroller-based Industrial TimerJun 2007
60Wireless Messaging Via Mobile/Landline PhoneMay 2007
61Microcontroller-based Infrared Tracking RobotApr 2007
62PIC16F84-based Digital ThermometerFeb 2007
63Water-level Controller-cum-motor ProtectorFeb 2007
64Microcontroller-Based Alarm ClockDec 2007
65Low-Cost Versatile Timer Using AT89C2051Nov 2007
66Secured Room Access SystemOct 2007
67Microcontroller-based Bidirectional Visitor CounterJan 2007
68Remotely Programmable RTC-Interfaced Microcontroller for Multiple Device ControlSep 2006
69Microcontroller-based Code LockAug 2006
70Microcontroller-based Triggering Circuit for SCR Phase ControlJul 2006
71Fastest-Finger-First Using MicrocontrollerJun 2006
72AVR Microcontroller-Based ClockMay 2006
73AT89C2051-Based Countdown TimerMar 2006
74Low-Cost LCD Frequency MeterFeb 2006
75Microcontroller-based Automatic Flush SystemDec 2006
76Stepper Motor Controller Using AT89C51Nov 2006
77Beverage Vending Machine ControllerOct 2006
78Using AVR Microcontroller for Projects—Part 3 of 3 Jan 2006
79Manual AT89C51 ProgrammerJul 2005
80Programmable Timer Based on AT90S4433 AVRJun 2005
81Remote-Controlled Digital Audio ProcessorFeb 2005
82Using AVR Microcontroller for Projects—Part 2 of 3Dec 2005
83Using AVR Microcontrollers for Projects—Part 1 of 3Nov 2005
84Standalone Scrolling Display Using AT90S8515 AVRJan 2005
85Microcontroller-based Real-time ClockJan 2005
86PIC16F84-Based Coded Device Switching SystemAug 2004
87Temperature Indicator Using AT89C52Jul 2004
88Programmer For 89C51/89C52/89C2051 MicrocontrollersMay 2004
89Stepper Motor Control Using 89C51 MicrocontrollerOct 2004
90Microcontroller-Based Call IndicatorJan 2004
91Microcontroller-Driven Data DisplayJul 2003
92PC-Based Programmer for AT89C51 MicrocontrollerFeb 2003
93PICburner: The Programmer For PIC16X8X MicrocontrollersSep 2002
94Microcontroller-Based Annunciator SystemDec 2002
95Microcontroller Based Access Control SystemOct 2002
96Microcontroller-Based School TimerJul 2001
97Microcontroller Based Digital ClockOct 2001
Other Articles
1PIC Simulator IDE 6.96Mar 2014
2Microcontroller Development BoardsJan 2014
3Designers need to pay special attention to securityrelated aspects of any IoT-compatible productJul 2013
4Automobiles: Packed With Electronics, From Boot to BonnetFeb 2013
5It is important to look at technology in terms of packaging tooFeb 2013
6Benefits of Using the Latest Low-Power MicrocontrollersDec 2013
7Optoisolation for Intelligent Power ModulesNov 2013
8Microcontroller-Based ProjectsOct 2013
9Microcontroller Development BoardsOct 2013
10Do-It-Yourself Microcontroller Projects Aug 2012
11How to Select A MicrocontrollerDec 2012
12FPGAs Vs CPLDs and MicrocontrollersOct 2012
13Microcontroller Development ToolsOct 2012
14“We need to provide complete solutions, not just products”— Carlo Bozotti, president and chief executive officer, STMicroelectronicsApr 2011
15Microcontrollers: Need for Standard CoreJun 2010
16PIC16F877A-based Temperature Monitoring SystemMay 2010
17Invasion of 32-Bit MCU in 8-Bit And 16-Bit WorldApr 2010
18Compilers and Simulators For Programming of MicrocontrollersFeb 2010
19Microcontrollers: Leading the Way in InnovationsNov 2010
20Microcontroller SimulatorsOct 2010
21Arduino and Freeduino Open AutomationAug 2009
22Open Source Hardware: A Golden Opportunity For Innovators And Small ManufacturersAug 2009
23Intelligent LightingApr 2009
24We are going to double our engineering capability in IndiaApr 2008
25Shape Your Career with MicrocontrollersDec 2008
26Hack A Microcontroller with GNU/LinuxJan 2008
27Digital Signal Controllers: When Technologies MergeSep 2007
28Microcontrollers In DemandAug 2007
29“The Tendency to Think of India as a Cost-sensitive Market is Changing”—Mike McCourt, Vice President and General Manager-Microcontroller Division, Transportation and Standard Products Group (TSPG), Freescale SemiconductorMar 2007
30A New Generation of Microcontrollers for MetersFeb 2007
31Lighting Control Using DALI and MicrocontrollersMar 2005
32Intelligent Battery ChargingNov 2003
33Development Tools for Mixed-Signal MicrocontrollersNov 2002
34Trends And Developments In MicrocontrollersMar 2001

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