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S E A R C H      R E S U L T
Circuit Ideas
1Simple Interface for Digital Sound SynthesisSep 2014
2Tester for 555 Timer and 741 Op-amp ICsSep 2014
3Wireless Door-Opening AlarmAug 2014
4Telephone Tapping Using FMJul 2014
5Difference Counter for In and Out GatesJul 2014
6Alcohol Level TesterJun 2014
7Brushless DC Motor DriverJun 2014
8Versatile Audio-Visual AlarmJun 2014
9Crystal-Controlled FM TransmitterJun 2014
10Simple IR Remote Control ExtenderJun 2014
11Distance CounterMay 2014
12Simple Tester for 74xx04 and 74xx14 ICsMay 2014
13Mains Operated Remote Control TesterMay 2014
14Power-Saving Relay DriverMay 2014
15Effortless Hall Lights ControllerDec 2014
16Simple Adjustable Staircase Waveform GeneratorDec 2014
17Door-Knock or Vibration AlarmDec 2014
18Power Amplifier for FM TransmitterNov 2014
193W USB Stereo Audio AmplifierOct 2014
20Temperature-Sensing Diodes SelectorJan 2014
21Wireless FM MicrophoneJan 2014
22USA-Style Twin HornJan 2014
23RPM Meter for AutomobilesSep 2013
24Solar-Charged Emergency Light and FanSep 2013
25Moisture Monitor for PlantsAug 2013
26Transistor Polarity CheckerAug 2013
27Dual Motor Control for RobotsJul 2013
28Stereo Audio Distribution Buffer for HeadphonesJul 2013
29Wireless PA for ClassroomsJul 2013
30Demo Circuit for Over-Voltage ProtectionJul 2013
31Clap-Controlled SwitchJun 2013
32Simple Protection for Audio Amplifier LoudspeakersJun 2013
33Touch AlarmJun 2013
34Semiconductor Relay for Automotive ApplicationsJun 2013
35PIR Security Light Apr 2013
36Op-amp IC Tester Apr 2013
37Cupboard lightMar 2013
38Blown-Fuse Indicator for AC LoadFeb 2013
39Low-Cost 5V Power SupplyFeb 2013
40Signal Diode-Based Fire AlarmFeb 2013
41Soldering Iron Tip PreserverFeb 2013
42Simple Tester for Dual Operational AmplifiersDec 2013
43Solar-Powered Bird ScarerNov 2013
44Seven-Colour LED LightingNov 2013
45Temperature-Based Fan-Speed ControllerNov 2013
46Voice Recorder and Playback SystemOct 2013
47Noise-Level AlarmOct 2013
48Visitors CounterOct 2013
49Earth Fault IndicatorOct 2013
50Auto Switch-off Staircase LightJan 2013
51Remote Control Using Wireless DoorbellJan 2013
52RF Signal DetectorJan 2013
53A Simple Musical LightSep 2012
54Simple Crystal TesterAug 2012
55Touch-Free Timer SwitchAug 2012
56Over-Voltage Disconnect SwitchAug 2012
57Solar Lamp with Variable Power Supply and ChargerJul 2012
58Smart Bicycle LightJul 2012
59Audible Logic ProbeJun 2012
60Relay Actuating Circuit with Millivolt SensitivityJun 2012
61Smart Exhaust Fan SwitchJun 2012
62Clap-Based Digital Volume ControlMay 2012
63Sensor-Based Door LockMay 2012
64Multicolour Curtain BacklightsMay 2012
65Analogue WattmeterMay 2012
66Simple Parking CounterApr 2012
67Intercom Using LM386Apr 2012
68Servo Motor TesterMar 2012
691Hz Precision Clock TimerMar 2012
70Home Appliances Control Using TelephoneMar 2012
71Security AlarmFeb 2012
72Simple Soldering Iron Temperature RegulatorFeb 2012
73SMPS Spark SuppressorFeb 2012
74Dual-Tone HornFeb 2012
75FM BugDec 2012
76Calling Bell Using an IntercomDec 2012
77Buffer and Driver for Square-Wave SignalsNov 2012
78Rainbow ClockNov 2012
79CFL DriverOct 2012
80AC Switch Control with Opto-TriacOct 2012
81Phone Bell Auto SilencerOct 2012
82Shock-proof Remote SwitchOct 2012
83Air IoniserJan 2012
84Versatile Battery ChargerJan 2012
851-30 Minute TimerJan 2012
86Constant-Current Battery ChargerJan 2012
87Electronic Glow-WormJan 2012
88Strip LED LampSep 2011
89Battery Deep Discharge SaverSep 2011
90Home Appliance Control Using TV Remote Aug 2011
91Door Alert Aug 2011
92Automatic Bathroom LampAug 2011
93Simple Alert Timer Jul 2011
94Office Monitoring System Jul 2011
95Sound Sensor Alarm Jul 2011
96Milliohm Meter Jul 2011
97Over-Temperature Alarm Jul 2011
98Door Ajar AlertJun 2011
99Remote Control for Toy CarJun 2011
1008-bit Generator and Display For MicrocontrollerMay 2011
101Wireless Extender for IR Remote ControlsMay 2011
102Telephone Line In-Use IndicatorMay 2011
103Square-Root CircuitMay 2011
104BCD Frequency MeterMay 2011
105Solar Battery Charging IndicatorApr 2011
106Laser-based Intruder AlarmApr 2011
107Nano-Ampere MeterApr 2011
108Gas Leakage AlarmMar 2011
109Pull-pin Security AlarmMar 2011
110Line-Break DetectorFeb 2011
111Call Bell with Welcome IndicationFeb 2011
112Movie MakerFeb 2011
113LED-Based Running DisplayDec 2011
114Portable Signal WandDec 2011
115Single Control Switch For Fan And ACDec 2011
116Door Knock Alarm With TimerNov 2011
117Metal Detector Using Difference ResonatorOct 2011
118Solid-State two-way SwitchOct 2011
119Dual Supply From Single Battery SourceOct 2011
120Audible Resistance-CheckerOct 2011
121Cash Box GuardJan 2011
122Digital PulserJan 2011
123Automatic Sprinkler Control SystemJan 2011
124Linear Timer for General UseSep 2010
125Motion Sensor for Security LightSep 2010
126IR-Controlled Water SupplySep 2010
127Electric Guitar PreamplifierSep 2010
128Water Pump ControllerAug 2010
129Over-heating Indicator for Water PipeAug 2010
130Simple Key-hole Lighting DeviceAug 2010
131High-Intensity, Energy-efficient LED LightAug 2010
132Bipolar Transistor TesterAug 2010
133Ball Speed CheckerJul 2010
134Halogen Lamp Saver For BikesJul 2010
135Triple-Mode Tone GeneratorJul 2010
136Weekly ReminderJun 2010
137IR-based Light ControlJun 2010
138Low-cost Hearing AidJun 2010
139Sequential Device Control Using TV Remote ControlJun 2010
140Electronic Dice Using AT89C2051Jun 2010
141Electric Bug ZapperMay 2010
142Standby Power-Loss PreventerMay 2010
143Digital Timer EnhancementMay 2010
144Hum-sensitive Touch AlarmMay 2010
145HDD Selector SwitchApr 2010
146Spy EarApr 2010
147Timer for Mosquito DestroyerMar 2010
148Pushbutton Control For Single-Phase AppliancesMar 2010
149White LED Light Probe for InspectionMar 2010
150Antisleep Alarm for StudentsMar 2010
151Four-Stage FM TransmitterMar 2010
152Doorbell-controlled Security SwitchFeb 2010
153Battery-Low IndicatorFeb 2010
154Room Sound MonitorFeb 2010
155Power Resumption Alarm and Low-Voltage ProtectorFeb 2010
156Infrared IlluminatorDec 2010
157Mobile SnifferDec 2010
1581W LED for Automotive ApplicationsNov 2010
159Flasher For DeepawaliNov 2010
160Periodically On-Off Mosquito RepellentNov 2010
161Play with Robotic Eye (IR Sensor)Nov 2010
162Electronic MetronomeOct 2010
163Crystal AM TransmitterOct 2010
164Keep Away Ni-Cd From Memory EffectOct 2010
165Timer From Old Quartz ClockOct 2010
166Micro InverterJan 2010
167Security System SwitcherJan 2010
168Water Pump ControllerJan 2010
169Electronic CandlesJan 2010
170Inverter for Soldering IronSep 2009
171Radiation SensorSep 2009
172Transistorised Logic Probe for TTLSep 2009
173Stereo Headphone AmplifierSep 2009
174Multitone SirenAug 2009
175PhotometerAug 2009
176Constant-Current Battery ChargerAug 2009
177Generator Room LightJul 2009
178Liquid Level AlarmJul 2009
179Smart Battery ChargerJun 2009
180Skin Response MeterJun 2009
181Clock Tick-Tock Sound Generator & LED PendulumJun 2009
182PC Power ManagerJun 2009
183Hydro AlarmJun 2009
184Bedroom LightMay 2009
185Electronic Bicycle LockMay 2009
186Controllable Electronic Load Circuit for DC Power SupplyMay 2009
187Earth Leakage TesterMay 2009
188Low-cost Stop WatchApr 2009
189Remote-operated Master SwitchApr 2009
190Car Fan Speed ControllerApr 2009
191Digitally Adjustable Dancing LightsApr 2009
192White Light for RefrigeratorMar 2009
193Smart Hearing AidMar 2009
194Triple Power SupplyMar 2009
195Music Water ShowerFeb 2009
196Night LampsFeb 2009
197Midnight Security LightFeb 2009
198Automated Alarm CircuitsFeb 2009
199Spy Camera Solar Power BoxDec 2009
200Telephone Call RecorderDec 2009
201Electronic Quiz SwitchDec 2009
202Pyroelectric Fire AlarmDec 2009
203Sound/Vibration-Sensitive Toy Dog AlarmNov 2009
204Mini UPS SystemNov 2009
205Electronic Fuse For In-Car GPS ReceiverNov 2009
206DuoPhoneNov 2009
207Smart Loop Burglar AlarmOct 2009
208Short-Circuit Protection in DC Low-Voltage SystemsOct 2009
209Car-Reversing Horn With FlasherOct 2009
210Traffic BatonJan 2009
211Running LED LightJan 2009
212Shock-hazard WarningJan 2009
213Laser-guided Door OpenerJan 2009
214IR Receiver Module TesterJan 2009
215Remote SwitchSep 2008
216Peak Hour TimerSep 2008
217Electric Window/Fence ChargerSep 2008
218Long-Range IR TransmitterSep 2008
219Three-Phase Appliance ProtectorAug 2008
220PC Multimedia SpeakersAug 2008
221Panic AlarmAug 2008
222Simple Earth-Fault ProtectorAug 2008
223Heat Control UnitAug 2008
224Aquarium ProbeJul 2008
225Music-operated LightsJul 2008
226Head-And-Tail TossJul 2008
227Poor Man’s Hearing AidJun 2008
228Anti-burglar AlarmJun 2008
229LED-based Night LampJun 2008
230Staircase Light With Auto Switch-OffMay 2008
231Automatic Night Lamp for Car Porch/GateMay 2008
232Sunset LampMay 2008
233Wire-Break Alarm with DelayMay 2008
234Car Anti-theft GuardMay 2008
235IR DetectorApr 2008
236IR Detector For RobotsMar 2008
237Drinking Water AlarmMar 2008
238Versatile CMOS/TTL Logic And Clock ProbeFeb 2008
239Ignition for Old CarsFeb 2008
240Cordless Multi-door AlarmFeb 2008
241Heat Sensor for CD PlayersFeb 2008
242Power PulserDec 2008
243Continuity Tester With A Chirping SoundDec 2008
244Pleasant Sounding BellDec 2008
245Battery-level IndicatorDec 2008
246Electronic Combination LockNov 2008
247Night AlertNov 2008
248Fastest-finger FirstOct 2008
249Muscular StimulatorOct 2008
250Wireless SwitchOct 2008
251Crystal-Based 50Hz GeneratorJan 2008
252Strobe LightJan 2008
253Computerised Static Circuit BreakerJan 2008
254The Starry SkyJan 2008
255Set-Reset Flip-Flop Using ComparatorsJan 2008
256Playful LightsJan 2008
257Hum-Sensitive Touch AlarmJan 2008
258‘On’/‘Off’ RingerSep 2007
259PC Temperature AlarmSep 2007
260Mobile ShieldAug 2007
261Audible Continuity TesterAug 2007
262Corrosion-Free Water-Level IndicatorAug 2007
263Simple Electronic DiceAug 2007
264PC Table LampAug 2007
265Infrared Firecracker IgniterAug 2007
266Automatic Phase ChangerJul 2007
267Anti-Theft AlarmJul 2007
268Preset ‘Off’ TimerJul 2007
269Light FenceJun 2007
270Contactless Telephone FingerJun 2007
271Auto Muting During Telephonic ConversationMay 2007
272IR Remote On/Off SwitchMay 2007
273MAT SwitchMay 2007
274Automatic Wash Basin Mirror Lamp ControllerMay 2007
275Accurate 1Hz GeneratorApr 2007
276Solar-Powered Pedestal Lighting SystemApr 2007
277Circuit for UPS To Hybernate PCApr 2007
278Street Light ControllerMar 2007
2793V PC AdaptorMar 2007
280Digital ThermometerMar 2007
281Simple HF Power AmplifierFeb 2007
282Fully Automatic Emergency LightFeb 2007
283LED Lighting for ChristmasDec 2007
284Speed Controller for DC MotorDec 2007
285Current SensorDec 2007
286Door GuardDec 2007
287Line-Powered Two-Tone RingerDec 2007
288Magic LampNov 2007
289Seismic SensorNov 2007
290Audible IR Proximity DetectorNov 2007
291Laptop ProtectorOct 2007
292Motorbike AlarmOct 2007
2935V/12V Supply From PCOct 2007
294Stablised Power Supply For PrototypingOct 2007
295Infrared Burglar AlarmOct 2007
296IR Proximity Detector SwitchJan 2007
297Simple Message Display SystemJan 2007
298IR Music Transmitter and ReceiverJan 2007
299Electronic HornJan 2007
300Locker GuardJan 2007
301Bell-Cum Light ControllerSep 2006
302Friendly Charger for Mobile PhonesSep 2006
303Electronic LudoSep 2006
304IR-to-RF ConverterSep 2006
305Fastest-Finger-FirstSep 2006
306A Fourth-Order Speech Filter (Based on Texas Instruments Application Note)Aug 2006
307Remote-Controlled Fan RegulatorJul 2006
308Low-Cost Night LampJul 2006
309Low-Power Voltage DoublerJul 2006
310DoorbellJul 2006
311Easy Transistor TesterJun 2006
312Parrot-Sounding AC DoorbellJun 2006
313Multipurpose Listening DeviceJun 2006
314Farmhouse Lantern-Cum-FlasherMay 2006
315Anti-Sleep AlarmMay 2006
316DC Changeover System with Battery Protection UnitMay 2006
317School/College Quiz BuzzerMay 2006
318Solar Lighting SystemApr 2006
319Logic ‘High’/‘Low’ IndicatorApr 2006
320Mains Supply Failure Backup LightMar 2006
321Twinkle Twinkle X’Mas StarMar 2006
322Infrared BugMar 2006
323Power Supply Reversal Correcter-Cum-PreventerFeb 2006
324Versatile Power SupplyFeb 2006
325Panic PlateFeb 2006
326FM Adaptor for Car StereoFeb 2006
327Capacitor EvaluatorFeb 2006
328Ultrasonic Proximity DetectorFeb 2006
329Secret BellDec 2006
330Electronic Door KeyDec 2006
331Capacitance-Multiplier Power SupplyDec 2006
332Digital CounterDec 2006
333Variable Power Supply Using a Fixed-Voltage Regulator ICNov 2006
334Photodiode-Based Fire DetectorNov 2006
335Sensitive AM TransmitterNov 2006
336Appliance Timer-Cum-Clap SwitchNov 2006
337Telephone-Operated Calling SystemOct 2006
338Front Door GuardOct 2006
339Infrared Toggle SwitchOct 2006
340Smart Battery Protector Using a Shunt RegulatorOct 2006
341Shadow AlarmJan 2006
342Remote Emergency Alarm For Unmanned LiftsJan 2006
343Regulator For Battery EliminatorJan 2006
344IR Burglar DeterrentJan 2006
345Doorbell-Cum-Visitor IndicatorSep 2005
346Power Failure And Resumption AlarmSep 2005
347Little Door GuardSep 2005
348Teleconferencing System Aug 2005
349Multicell ChargerAug 2005
350Timer for Geyser Aug 2005
351220V Live Wire Scanner Aug 2005
352White LED-Based Emergency Lamp and Turning IndicatorJul 2005
353Inexpensive Car Protection UnitJul 2005
354Dog CallerJul 2005
355Smart Cellphone HolderJul 2005
356Fuel Reserve Indicator For VehiclesJul 2005
357Brake Failure IndicatorJun 2005
358Safety GuardJun 2005
35916-way Clap-Operated SwitchJun 2005
360Remote Control For Home AppliancesMay 2005
361Mains Supply Failure AlarmMay 2005
362TV Pattern GeneratorMay 2005
363Mains Interruption Counter With IndicatorApr 2005
364Simple Low-Power InverterApr 2005
365Solar BugApr 2005
366Accurate Foot-SwitchApr 2005
367Micromotor ControllerApr 2005
368Manual EPROM ProgrammerMar 2005
369Wireless Stepper Motor ControllerMar 2005
370Simple Digital Security SystemMar 2005
371Automatic Bathroom Light with Back-up LampMar 2005
372PC-Based TimerFeb 2005
373Atmel AVR ISP DongleFeb 2005
374Soft SwitchDec 2005
375Automatic-Off Timer For CD PlayersDec 2005
376Automatic Washbasin Tap ControllerDec 2005
377Over-Speed IndicatorDec 2005
378Versatile Water-Level ControllerDec 2005
379Heat-Sensitive SwitchNov 2005
380Transistor TesterNov 2005
381Simple Smoke DetectorNov 2005
382Simple MOSFET-Based CFLNov 2005
383Electronic FuseOct 2005
384Remote-Controlled Power-Off SwitchOct 2005
385Zener Value EvaluatorOct 2005
386Audio Amplifier for Personal StereoJan 2005
387Automatic Soldering Iron SwitchJan 2005
388Versatile LED DisplayJan 2005
389DC Motor Control Using A Single SwitchSep 2004
390PC-Based Candle IgnitorSep 2004
391Solidstate Remote Control SwitchSep 2004
392Mains Box Heat MonitorAug 2004
393Faulty Car Indicator AlarmAug 2004
394Flashing-Cum-Running LightAug 2004
395Light-Operated Internal Door LatchJul 2004
3968-Digit Code Lock for Appliance SwitchingJul 2004
397Stabilised Power Supply with Short-Circuit IndicationJul 2004
398Cell-Phone-Controlled Audio/Video Mute SwitchJun 2004
399Dome Lamp DimmerJun 2004
400PC-Based DC Motor Speed ControllerJun 2004
401Frequency Divider Using 7490 Decade CounterJun 2004
402Watchman WatcherMay 2004
403Emergency-Cum-Ultraviolet LightMay 2004
404Sensitive Optical Burglar AlarmMay 2004
405Low-Resistance Continuity TesterApr 2004
406Low-Cost Electronic Quiz TableApr 2004
407Fuse-Cum-Power Failure IndicatorMar 2004
408Sound-Operated LightMar 2004
409Doorbell-Controlled PorchlightMar 2004
410Over-Voltage ProtectorFeb 2004
411Anti-Bag-Snatching AlarmFeb 2004
412LED-Based Reading LampFeb 2004
413Soldering Iron Temperature ControllerNov 2004
414Fire Alarm Using ThermistorNov 2004
415Automatic Water Pump ControllerOct 2004
416Anti-Theft Alarm For BikesOct 2004
417Versatile Proximity Detector with Auto ResetJan 2004
418Intruder AlarmJan 2004
419DC-To-DC ConverterJan 2004
420Mobile Phone Multipower UnitSep 2003
421Resistance Measurement Using Sample and Hold MethodAug 2003
422Over-/Under-Voltage Protection of Electrical AppliancesAug 2003
423Low-Cost Hearing AidAug 2003
424PC-Driven LED DisplayJul 2003
425False Triggering Eliminator For Timer 555Jul 2003
426Voltage-Based Controller For SwitchesJul 2003
427Parallel Telephone With Secrecy And Call PreventionJul 2003
428DTMF Receiver IC MT8870 TesterJun 2003
429Pulse GeneratorJun 2003
430Earth Fault ProtectorJun 2003
4310-100°C Temperature DetectorMay 2003
432Precision Null DetectorMay 2003
433Clap SwitchMay 2003
434Electric Shock GunApr 2003
435Automatic Water Pump Motor ControllerApr 2003
436Anti-Theft Alarm For VehiclesApr 2003
437Multi-Switch Doorbell With IndicatorsApr 2003
438Song Number DisplayApr 2003
439Clap-Based Switching For DevicesMar 2003
440Lead-Acid Battery Charger With Voltage AnalyserMar 2003
441Wireless TV Headphone CircuitMar 2003
442Keypad Control For Multiple AppliancesMar 2003
443LED Sand-Glass TimerFeb 2003
444Three-Colour Display Using Bicolour LEDsFeb 2003
445Automatic Night Lamp with Morning AlarmDec 2003
446Fan On/Off Control by LightDec 2003
447Intercom with Musical RingtoneDec 2003
448Experimental Study of Switched-Capacitor CircuitDec 2003
449Key Chain LightNov 2003
450Flashing Headlight For MobikesNov 2003
451Wireless Door Opening AlarmNov 2003
452Non-Contact Power MonitorNov 2003
453Remote-Operated Musical BellOct 2003
454Smoke ExtractorOct 2003
455Intelligent Water Pump Controller with Water-Level DisplayJan 2003
456Blue LED Night Lamp with Back-upJan 2003
457Infrared Proximity DetectorJan 2003
458AC Line DetectorSep 2002
459priority Indicator For quiz ContentsSep 2002
460Infrared Remote Control testerSep 2002
461Multi-Pattern Running LightSep 2002
462Precision 1Hz clock Generator using Chip-On-BoardAug 2002
463Power-Supply Failure AlarmAug 2002
464Guard For refrigerators And Air-ConditionersAug 2002
465Phone BroadcasterAug 2002
466Luggage Security SystemAug 2002
467Mains ManagerJul 2002
468LED-Cum-Diode TesterJul 2002
469Infra-re Toy Car Motor ControllerJul 2002
470Measurement Of Tranistor h(FE)Jul 2002
471Electronic Guard For BlindJul 2002
472Measuring Rigs And Add-Ons For Radio AmateursJun 2002
473Temperature-Controlled Ni-Cd Battery ChargerJun 2002
474Exclusive-Or Gate ApplicationsJun 2002
475Contactless Ringer For TelephonesJun 2002
476Wireless Stepper Motor ControlJun 2002
477Dual-Speed Fan Driver For Heat-SinkMay 2002
47840-Metre CW Transmitter May 2002
479Crystal Controlled Time-Base GeneratorMay 2002
480Mains-Operated Christmas StarMay 2002
481Security Alarm For Motor Bikes May 2002
482Single-Plate Touch SwitchMay 2002
483Music-on-Hold For TelephoneApr 2002
4848085 Kit-based Relay ControlApr 2002
485FM Band ReceiverApr 2002
486Infrared Car Parking GuardApr 2002
487Ding-Dong BellMar 2002
488Doctor's SwitchMar 2002
489IR Remote SwitchMar 2002
490Remote Control Using AC MainsMar 2002
4915.5MHz/10.7MHz IF-FM Signal Generator Mar 2002
492FM BoosterFeb 2002
493Hex-To-Analogue ConverterFeb 2002
494Shortwave TransmitterFeb 2002
495Three Phase Star-Delta Motor StarterFeb 2002
496RMS-To-DC ConverterOct 2002
497Keyhole FinderOct 2002
498Cell Phone Call IndicatorOct 2002
499Using Single Telephone on Two Telephone LinesOct 2002
500Digital Die-Cum-Alpha Display TosserJan 2002
501Laser Torch-Based Voice Transmitter And ReceiverJan 2002
502Parallel Telephone With Auto Secrecy And Intercom FacilityJan 2002
503Hardware Solution For Two Simultaneous Linear EquationsJan 2002
504Mobile Battery ChargerJan 2002
505A Hierarchial Priority EncoderSep 2001
506Digital Mains Voltage IndicatorSep 2001
507Electronic DiceSep 2001
508Light Operated OrganSep 2001
509Long Range Cordless Burgular AlarmAug 2001
510Water-Level ControllerAug 2001
511Fuse Status Indicators For Power SuppliesAug 2001
512Invisible Broken Wire DetectorAug 2001
513PC-Based Multimode Light ChaserAug 2001
514Anti-theft Security For Car AudioJul 2001
515Simple Telephone ring Tone GeneratorJul 2001
516Unipolar/ Bipolar Triangular And Bipolar Square Wave GeneratorJul 2001
517Dual-Input High Fedility Audio MixerJul 2001
518PC-Based Dial Clock-Cum-Electronic Roulette Jul 2001
519Stepper Motor ControlJun 2001
520Low-Cost IntercomJun 2001
521Automatic Plant IrrigatorJun 2001
522High-Power Car Battery EliminatorJun 2001
523Versatile Zener DiodeJun 2001
524DTMF Proximity DetectorJun 2001
52515-Step Digital Power SupplyMay 2001
526Microphone For ComputerMay 2001
527Pecision Inductance And Capacitance MeterMay 2001
528Ultra-Sensitive Solid State Clap SwitchMay 2001
529Under-/Over-Voltage Beep For Manual StabiliserMay 2001
530Intelligent Electronic LockApr 2001
531Simple Water-Level Indicator-Cum AlarmApr 2001
532Auto Shut-Off For Cassette Players And AmplifiersApr 2001
533House Security SystemApr 2001
534AC Mains Phase-Sequence IndicatorMar 2001
535Automatic Heat DetectorMar 2001
536Hi-Power Bicycle HornMar 2001
537Luxurious Toilet/ Bathroom FacilityMar 2001
538Electronic Card Lock SystemFeb 2001
539Generation Of 1 Second Pulses spaced 5 sec. ApartFeb 2001
540High/Low Voltage Cutout With TimerFeb 2001
5419-Line Telephone SharerFeb 2001
542Digital Relay Tester For RAX And MAXDec 2001
543Decorative SignboardDec 2001
544Smoke AlarmDec 2001
545Fastest Finger First IndicatorDec 2001
546High Performance Interruption detectorNov 2001
547Active Shortwave AntennaNov 2001
548Speller Effect Sign DisplayNov 2001
549Dark Room TimerNov 2001
550Long Range Target ShooterNov 2001
551Power Supply For Walkie-TalkiesNov 2001
55212V, 3A Power Supply Oct 2001
553A Simple Transistor TesterOct 2001
554Digital Fan RegulatorOct 2001
555Heart Beat Monitor Oct 2001
556Running Lights And Running HolesOct 2001
557Stereo Tape Head Preamplifier For PC Sound Card Oct 2001
558Electronic Starter For Single Phase MotorJan 2001
559Modem On/Off IndicatorJan 2001
560Precision Amplifier With Digital ControlJan 2001
561Precision Attenuator With Digital ControlJan 2001
562Touch Select Audio SourceJan 2001
Construction Projects
1XBee-Controlled AircraftSep 2014
2Car-Reversing Audio-Visual AlarmJun 2014
3RF-Controlled AircraftMay 2014
4PLL FM TransmitterDec 2014
5Automated Plants Watering SystemNov 2014
6Weather-Forecast Monitoring SystemOct 2014
7Solar Compass with Oled DisplaySep 2013
8Wi-Fi Embedded WebcamSep 2013
9Environment Monitoring System Using ArduinoAug 2013
10Stop Clock With Battery BackupAug 2013
11‘Space Invaders’ Hand Video GameJun 2013
1231-channel RF Remote ControlMar 2013
13Arduino-Based Shadow AlarmFeb 2013
14Robocar With Wireless SteeringFeb 2013
15Home Automation Through BluetoothNov 2013
16PC-Based Equipment ControllerNov 2013
17Simple 12V, 1A SMPSNov 2013
18Make Your Own USB Data Acquisition SystemOct 2013
19AVR Bootloader Circuit for Trouble-free ProgrammingSep 2012
20Electronic Card Lock for AppliancesAug 2012
21Touchscreen Control for WheelchairJul 2012
22RF-Based Multiple Device Control Using MicrocontrollerJun 2012
23Port Interfacing In Java Through MicrocontrollerMay 2012
24GSM-Based Borewell Water-Level MonitorMay 2012
25Time-Controlled Switch Using PIC16F72Apr 2012
26Dynamic Display Using LED StripMar 2012
27Live Home Security SystemFeb 2012
28Automatic Fan Controller For Air-conditionersFeb 2012
291kW Sinewave InverterNov 2012
30Sun Tracker With Position DisplayNov 2012
31Presence Sensing Lights ControllerNov 2012
32Sequential Timer for DC Motor ControlOct 2012
33Wireless Water-Level IndicatorJan 2012
34AVR Programmer Using AVR910 ProtocolJun 2011
35Over-Speed Alarm for Two-WheelersMay 2011
36Automatic Room Power ControllerFeb 2011
37Microcontroller-Based Morse Code EncoderNov 2011
38Visitor Counter Using MATLABNov 2011
39Arduino-Based Touchpad Tic-Tac-ToeOct 2011
40PC-based Wireless Control for Toy CarSep 2010
41Wireless Equipment Control Using AT89C51Aug 2010
42Voltage Stabiliser Using PIC16F877AAug 2010
43Christmas Decoration LightJul 2010
44Remote-controlled 6-Camera CCTV SwitcherJul 2010
45Cellphone-Based device Control with Voice AcknowledgementJun 2010
46Analogue Clock With Add-on CalendarMay 2010
47Eight-Channel Data Acquisition & Logging SystemApr 2010
48Simple Traffic Light SystemApr 2010
49Frequency CounterMar 2010
50Speed Controller for AC and DC MotorsDec 2010
51Automated Line-following RobotSep 2009
52Put Coin and Draw PowerAug 2009
53Automatic Water Pump ControllerAug 2009
54PC-based Wireless Appliance ControlJul 2009
55Microcontroller-based DC Motor ControllerJun 2009
56Digital Respiration Rate MeterJun 2009
57Parallel-Port Controller Using MatlabMay 2009
58Microcontroller-Based Moving-Message DisplayApr 2009
59PC-based Wireless Stepper Motor ControlMar 2009
60Designing Low-Power Products Using MSP430 Microcontroller (Part 2 of 2)Feb 2009
61H-bridge Driver Using PCDec 2009
62AT89C52-Based RoboCarNov 2009
63Phase-angle control of SCR using AT 89C51Nov 2009
64Sequential Power-‘On’Jan 2009
65Four-Channel Analogue-to-Digital ConverterSep 2008
66Cellphone-Operated Land RoverJul 2008
67Presettable Timer Using Secret-Coded Punched Card Jul 2008
68Remote-Controlled Toy BoatJun 2008
69Multiple Device Switching Through Parallel PortMay 2008
70Microcontroller-based Ultrasonic Distance MeterFeb 2008
71Buzzer Controller For 8-Team Quiz ContestsFeb 2008
72Solar LED Lighting SystemDec 2008
73Microcontroller-based Speedometer-Cum-OdometerNov 2008
74Clap-operated Appliance ControlNov 2008
75PC-Based Mobile Robot for NavigationOct 2008
76Energy Saver for Welding TransformerSep 2007
77Stepper Motor Control Using VC++Aug 2007
78PC-based Automatic Time ManagerAug 2007
79Standalone Digital ClockJun 2007
80Wireless Messaging Via Mobile/Landline PhoneMay 2007
81Microcontroller-based Infrared Tracking RobotApr 2007
82Design Your Own Infrared RemoteMar 2007
83Microcontroller-based Bidirectional Visitor CounterJan 2007
84Microcontroller-based Code LockAug 2006
85Auto Switch for TVAug 2006
86Parallel-Port Testing and Programming AidJul 2006
87Microcontroller-based Triggering Circuit for SCR Phase ControlJul 2006
88Fastest-Finger-First Using MicrocontrollerJun 2006
89PC-Based Remote-Controlled Stepper MotorMar 2006
90Microcontroller-based Automatic Flush SystemDec 2006
91Stepper Motor Controller Using AT89C51Nov 2006
92Digital Thermometer-cum-ControllerOct 2006
93Beverage Vending Machine ControllerOct 2006
94A Simple Directional Detector/Counter Jan 2006
95Infrared Interruption CounterSep 2005
96Audio Mixer with Multiple ControlsSep 2005
97Remote-Controlled Stepper MotorAug 2005
98Manual AT89C51 ProgrammerJul 2005
99Programmable Timer Based on AT90S4433 AVRJun 2005
100Two-Wheeler Security SystemMay 2005
101Auto Changeover to Generator on Mains Failure—Part IIApr 2005
102Auto Changeover to Generator on Mains Failure—Part IMar 2005
103Remote-Controlled Digital Audio ProcessorFeb 2005
104Using AVR Microcontroller for Projects—Part 2 of 3Dec 2005
105Automatic 3-Phase Induction Motor StarterNov 2005
106Noise-Muting FM ReceiverOct 2005
107PC-Based Stepper Motor ControllerOct 2005
108Dynamic Temperature Indicator and ControllerSep 2004
109Remote-Controlled Sophisticated Electronic Code LockJul 2004
110Device Switching Using PasswordJun 2004
111Programmer For 89C51/89C52/89C2051 MicrocontrollersMay 2004
112A Bidirectional Visitors CounterApr 2004
113Digital Water-Level Indicator Cum Pump ControllerFeb 2004
114PC-Based Data LoggerFeb 2004
115Ultrasonic Lamp-Brightness ControllerDec 2004
116Safety Guard for the BlindNov 2004
117Stepper Motor Control Using 89C51 MicrocontrollerOct 2004
118Automatic Water-Level ControllerJan 2004
119DTMF 8-Channel Switching Via PowerlineSep 2003
120Two-in-One Stereo AmplifierSep 2003
121Door-Opening Alarm With Remote ControlJul 2003
122Programmable Light Effects GeneratorJun 2003
123Temperature Measurement Using Transistor As SensorMay 2003
124A Tutorial on 89C51 Development Kit—Part IIMar 2003
125DTMF Remote Control SystemFeb 2003
126Controlling a 7-Segment Display Using PC’s Parallel PortDec 2003
127Proportional Load Control Using PCNov 2003
128Multifeature Emergency LightOct 2003
129Interactive Gal Programmer For BeginnersSep 2002
130Number Guessing GameAug 2002
131Electronic Century CalendarJul 2002
132Digital Flow MeterApr 2002
133Simple Digital Clock With Hourly MusicMar 2002
134Make Your Own Automobile StereoFeb 2002
135Two-Wire Remote ControlFeb 2002
136EPROM-Controlled Lighting Effect GeneratorJan 2002
137A Versatile Programmable TimerJan 2002
138Traffic And Street Light Controller Sep 2001
139Digital Capacitance Cum Frequency MeterAug 2001
140Fluid Level With IndicatorAug 2001
141Microcontroller-Based School TimerJul 2001
142Telephone Remote ControlJul 2001
143Auto-Control For 3-Phase MotorsJun 2001
144Programmable Melody Generator Part IMay 2001
145Access Control SystemApr 2001
146Telephone Line-Interfaced Generic Switching System Part IApr 2001
147Interface Your Printer With 8085 MicroprocessorMar 2001
148Build You Own Pentium PC Part IIFeb 2001
149A Unique Liuid Level IndicatorFeb 2001
150Transistor Curve TracerDec 2001
151Amplitude Measurements Of Sub-Microsecond PulsesNov 2001
152Automatic Submersible Pump ControllerNov 2001
153Microcontroller Based Digital ClockOct 2001
154Automatic Room Light ControllerJan 2001
Software Projects
1C++ Implementation of Digital FIR Filters Using Blackman WindowJul 2014
2HCT: The HDL Complexity ToolJun 2014
3GUI Based Voice Identification Using MATLABDec 2014
4Drawtiming Diagrams in LinuxJan 2014
5Designing Server ApplicationSep 2013
6555 Timer Design Using MatlabJul 2013
7Virtual Paper Keyboard Using OpenCV in Visual StudioJun 2013
8Implementation of FIR Filters Using Rectangular WindowMay 2013
9Wireless Sensor Network Simulation Using NetSimApr 2013
10Multi-Format World Clock DashboardDec 2013
11Gain and Noise Calculations of Cascaded Systems Using MATLABSep 2012
12Electronic Voting Machine Demo ProgramJul 2012
13Antenna Analysis and Design in MATLABMay 2012
14Digital Clock with Am and Pm DisplayApr 2012
15Circuit Design Calculator Using C++Dec 2012
16Folder Manipulator in VB 6.0Sep 2011
17RA DAR Demo in CJun 2011
18JavaScript-based Spirograph InterfaceMay 2011
19JavaScript-based Keyboard LayoutApr 2011
20Navigational Calendar With Current Date IndicatorNov 2011
21Simulation of Volt-Ampere CharacteristicsApr 2010
22JavaScript-Based World Time InterfaceApr 2010
23Executive Dashboard in Visual BasicMar 2010
24GPS Demo in ‘C’Dec 2010
25Simulation Program to Study Zener Diode CharacteristicsJul 2009
26Resistor-value Finder In Visual BasicJun 2008
27Chat Utility in JavaMay 2008
28Sudoku Generator and Solver in C++Jun 2007
29555 Simulator Using Visual BasicMay 2007
30Scientific Calculator In Visual C++Mar 2007
31Horoscope in BlueJ JavaMar 2007
32Design FIR Filters using Window TechniquesDec 2007
33Electronic Currency ConverterNov 2007
34Desktop Calculator in Visual BasicOct 2007
35Chat Utility Using Serial PortJan 2007
36Bitmap Image Viewer Using C++Sep 2006
37Screen Saver Utility Program in Visual BasicAug 2006
38Floppy Disk Repairing Utility Program in C++Jul 2006
39Design Electronic Circuits Using Macromedia FlashJun 2006
40CPP2HTM Utility Program in ‘C++’Jun 2006
41Drawing Spirograph Using ‘C’ GraphicsMay 2006
42Integrated Datasheet-Cum-Document ArchiveMar 2006
43Smart File Splitter Using Visual BasicOct 2006
44PWM Control of DC Motor Using C++Sep 2005
45Split and Combine Large FilesMay 2005
46Virtual Trainer Kit for 8085 Microprocessor ProgrammingAug 2004
47Spice Model For Audio Power Amplifier IC LM380Jul 2004
48PC-LockJun 2004
49File Transfer Between Computers Through A 3-Wire LinkFeb 2004
50Telephone Dialler Demo Using C++Nov 2004
51Customer Information SystemJul 2003
52Directory Operations Using DOSJul 2003
53RTOS: The Unsung HeroApr 2003
54‘Rangoli’ using Graphics in CMar 2003
55Integrated Address Diary in Visual BasicFeb 2003
56Universal IR Remote Control for PCsOct 2003
57A Novel Digital Sequence DetectorAug 2002
58DOS Screen Locking UtilityJul 2002
59Test Your Typing SpeedJul 2002
60Computerised School BellJun 2002
61Computerised Stepper Motor ControlJun 2002
62File Transfer And Chat Utility Using COM PortApr 2002
63Resistance Unbalance and Concentricity Calculation in Multipair Telephone CablesNov 2002
64Filter DesignerOct 2002
65GUI For Device Control Using PC Printer Port Sep 2001
66Visual Representation Of Decimal-To-Binary And Binary To Decimal ConversionAug 2001
67Multi-mode Light ChaserAug 2001
68Radiation Pattern Analysis OfLinear Antenna ArraysJul 2001
69Birthday/ Anniversary ReminderJul 2001
70Expression Evaluation In C++Jun 2001
71Loading Windows Bitmap Images in DOSMay 2001
72Digipad- Minimise Gate Requirement In Your Digital Logic Mar 2001
73Working With VDU MemoryDec 2001
74Radar Console SimulatorOct 2001
75Computer Quiz ProgramOct 2001
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2083D printers for astronautsNov 2014
209Repair and Troubleshooting TipsNov 2014
210Create an Electronics Product Using sPlanNov 2014
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214Fire Control Systems: The Electronics Behind Big Guns (Part 2 of 3)Oct 2014
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222Manufacturing subsidy scheme may undergo revisionOct 2014
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355Automated Always-On Poultry IncubatorJan 2013
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438Building the Cloud with Open Source and Open Standards Jul 2011
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440Solar Energy to Our Rescue Jun 2011
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442PCB Design ToolsJun 2011
443Light-weight NotebooksJun 2011
444Basic Electronics Courses Can Be of HelpJun 2011
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449Revive Your Precious MelodiesMay 2011
450Lead-Free Electronics to Help Lead Good HealthApr 2011
451Unified Storage to Help Manage DataApr 2011
452An Introduction to Cloud ComputingApr 2011
453Educational and Hobby Kit Providers See Busy Years AheadApr 2011
454How Much Technology Can One ‘Play’ With?Apr 2011
455“Consumers want to associate with environment-friendly products”— Manish Sharma, director-marketing, Panasonic IndiaMar 2011
456Marking Requirements of ProductsMar 2011
457Engineering Management for EngineersMar 2011
458“Gaming is emerging as the third pillar of entertainment”—Jaspreet Bindra, regional director, Entertainment & Devices Division, Microsoft IndiaMar 2011
459How to Extend Your Notebook’s LifeMar 2011
460Robotics Moving Closer to Asimov’s DreamsMar 2011
461Designing in India (Part 2)—Independent Design Houses: One-Stop Shops For Global ClientsFeb 2011
462“Unified communications is going to become a key competitive advantage”— Anil Kumar Jain, managing director, Siemens Enterprise Communications, IndiaFeb 2011
463Multicore Becomes MainstreamFeb 2011
464Developing Graphics Library with DirectFBFeb 2011
465Ambient Electronics: Your Hidden HelperFeb 2011
466Portable Media PlayersFeb 2011
467How To Ensure Product ReliabilityDec 2011
468Let Automation Take ControlDec 2011
469How To Avoid Mobile RadiationDec 2011
470In-Target Test Automation And Test Quality ToolsNov 2011
471Cost-Effective And Flexible Solutions With PXINov 2011
472How Secure Is Your GSM Network?Nov 2011
473Robot for Risky Indoor NavigationOct 2011
474Top 100 Electronics & IT Companies in IndiaOct 2011
475Test & Measurement Fuelling Technological Advances Oct 2011
476Telecom Offering Sea of OpportunitiesOct 2011
477“I knew Open Source hardware was a necessity to redesign into newer hardware"—Marcus Erlandsson, OpenCores.orgJan 2011
478Televisions Are 3D-Ready, But Are We?Jan 2011
479Designing in India: Part 1Jan 2011
480Power Of GPUs TodayJan 2011
481Circuit Simulation SoftwareSep 2010
482Green Lasers Overcome Last Barrier to Brilliant DisplaysSep 2010
483“Emphasis is on carbon emission reduction, safety and connected gadgets inside automobiles”—Tarak Balaji, director, Technical Center India, Delphi Automotive SystemsSep 2010
484“3G speeds support live video streaming to notebooks”— Pallab Talukdar, CEO, Fujitsu IndiaSep 2010
485Organic Electronics Starts A New EraSep 2010
486Your PC May be Under Cyber attacks!Sep 2010
487LED and Luminaire Testing Can’t Be Taken LightlySep 2010
488Electronics That Can Survive Extreme TemperaturesAug 2010
489Wireless 3-D Gesture and Character RecognitionAug 2010
490“Smart sensors are the source of curiosity for many designers”—Vivek Sharma, regional vice president, Greater China and South Asia-India Operations, and director, India Design Centres, STMicroelectronicsAug 2010
491Single-board Computers for Embedded ApplicationsAug 2010
492Evolution of Satellite CommunicationJul 2010
493Circuits and TutorialsJul 2010
494IR Protocol AnalyserJul 2010
495“Thin-film solar cells offer a lowercost solution”—Mano Manoharan, general manager, GE Global Research, BengaluruJul 2010
496“AMI bets on open source for embedded space”—Sridharan Mani, director and CEO, American Megatrends IndiaJun 2010
497Test & Measurement: An Innovation A Day!Jun 2010
498Electronics DesignJun 2010
499Wimax 2 or LTE: Which Will Win the 4G Race?Jun 2010
500Asynchronous Microprocessor: The Clockless FutureMay 2010
501EFY Top 40 Private Engineering Colleges: Our First AttemptMay 2010
502Home Power Savers DemystifiedMay 2010
503The Scope Of OscilloscopesMay 2010
504Microwave and RF Design SoftwareMay 2010
5055 Tips to Engineer Your CareerMay 2010
506“Parallel array of ESPs helps to harvest more energy”— P.S. Deodhar, founder, MITRAMAX EnergyMay 2010
507Wireless Home Audio SystemsApr 2010
508Data Acquisition Systems Test Anything, AnywhereApr 2010
509SMF VRLA Batteries in DemandApr 2010
510IR Remote Controls: Ray of Hope for Cerebral Palsy PatientsApr 2010
511Improving Reliability of a PCB DesignApr 2010
512Do Power Savers Really Save Power?Mar 2010
513Software-based Modelling ToolsMar 2010
514Embedded Panels Maximise Solar Energy OutputMar 2010
515TFT-LCD Panel FundamentalsMar 2010
516WiMAX Testing, Step by StepMar 2010
517Hardware Tools Selection for Embedded SystemsFeb 2010
518“India is Strategic Focus for Embedded Business”—Sanat Rao, Marketing Director, Emerging Markets, Intel Embedded and Communications GroupFeb 2010
519Security Systems For Homes, Offices and AutomobilesFeb 2010
520Cryptography Mechanisms For Access Control In Wireless Sensor NetworksFeb 2010
521Developing PCBs Using ExpressPCBFeb 2010
522Go For a Green Gadget This Valentine’s DayFeb 2010
523Sneaky Sensors Know What You Did Today!Feb 2010
524“For India, mass HD adoption with content will come first” — Chris Grey, Head of Broadcast & Content Creation Solutions, Business & Professional Products APAC (BPPA), Sony Electronics APACDec 2010
525Ten Tips For Transition To Model-Based DesignDec 2010
526Creating Embedded Systems with Changing RequirementsDec 2010
527Soldering and Desoldering Stations: Emerging OpportunitiesDec 2010
528Spoofing the GPS On Satellite PhonesDec 2010
529ZIGBEE For Multiple Device Control Using A Single RemoteDec 2010
530“Megapixel is not the most important thing in cameras” — Shunichi Senda, Director, Imaging Communication Products, Canon, IndiaNov 2010
531“4G and WiMax are optimised for what people want to do on their smartphones”—Declan Byrne, Director, Marketing, WiMAX ForumNov 2010
532Creating Professional Circuit Designs Using NI Circuit Design SuiteNov 2010
533Interfacing At 100 Gigabits Per SecondNov 2010
534Microcontrollers: Leading the Way in InnovationsNov 2010
535VoIP and Traditional Telecom: 1 Minus 1 or 1 Plus 1?Oct 2010
536RFID Testing Challenges for Complex RF EnvironmentsOct 2010
537Efficient and Affordable Schottky DiodesOct 2010
538Industrial Automation v2: Fitting The Factory Into The EnterpriseOct 2010
539“Green UPS are designed not to pollute the environment”—R.K. Bansal, founder and managing director of Uniline Energy SystemsOct 2010
540What it takes To Be A ‘Good’ Embedded Engineer?Oct 2010
541Automate Your Home With ZigBeeOct 2010
542Storage Sees Many InnovationsJan 2010
543Software Tools Selection for Embedded SystemsJan 2010
54410 Emerging Technologies to Track in 2010Jan 2010
545Process Your Career with DSP!Jan 2010
546Logical Circuit Simulators: The first choice of users to check logical correctnessJan 2010
547“Periodically Consider Replacing Your Old wi-fi router”—Raj Jadhav, VP-Solution Consulting, Tech-Support & IT, D-Link (India)Jan 2010
548Wireless Sensor Networks: Design Challenges Embedded Platform Selection—Part 2 of 2Sep 2009
549Industrial Automation: In the New EconomySep 2009
550E-paper: Now Just Round The CornerSep 2009
551Wireless Sensor Networks: Design Challenges and Embedded Platform Selection— Part 1 of 2Aug 2009
552High-Performance Computing On a Beagle Board Aug 2009
553Batteries That Charge on AirAug 2009
554Move over Metros, Make Room for RuralAug 2009
555MP3 Players Go Wireless and ScreenlessAug 2009
556Design and Test Challenges of Frequency-Hopping RadiosJul 2009
557“Inverter manufacturers should know the battery side also”—Sunil Bhalla, Director, Luminous Power TechnologiesJul 2009
558Indian Languages and ITJul 2009
559New T&M DevicesJun 2009
560Engineering Colleges Par Excellence (Ranked As Per Industry Feedback)Jun 2009
561Lower Power Consumption Through VLSI DesignJun 2009
562Electronics to the Aid of Hearing ImpairedJun 2009
563Design Your Career in Very Large ScaleMay 2009
564“Energy-efficient products will be the future trend”— N.K. Aggarwal, Chairman, Microtek InternationalMay 2009
565“Peripherals are reflectors of one’s personality”— Ashim Mathur, national marketing manager, Entertainment and Devices Division, Microsoft Corporation (India)Apr 2009
566No Pink Slip But Hiring Under ScrutinyApr 2009
567Power Over Ethernet for Networked Devices—Part 1 of 2Apr 2009
568It’s Telecom All The Way!Apr 2009
569Reading the Datasheets of Electronic Devices—Part 1 of 3Mar 2009
570Bluetooth Scatternets: A Cost-Effective Solution for CommunicationMar 2009
571Charging Lithium-Ion BatteriesMar 2009
572“Thin-film modules reduce the cost of energy generation”— Dr Randhir Thakur, senior VP and gm of Applied’s SunFab Thin Film Solar and Display Business Group, and Rajiv Arya, CEO of Moser Baer Photovoltaic (MBPV)Mar 2009
573Flexible Circuits Getting BetterMar 2009
574The Streamlining of Counting SystemsFeb 2009
575“The demand for CCD board cameras is growing at 40 per cent annually”— Sanjeev Sehgal, MD, SparshFeb 2009
576Mount Your Career Firmly In SMTFeb 2009
577Analogue Circuit SimulationDec 2009
578Powering Nano DevicesDec 2009
579"Thin films can reduce electric power and utility costs"—Dr Charles Gay, president, Applied Solar, Applied MaterialsDec 2009
580SMT Equipment: Many A Tech Trend SightedNov 2009
581Benchmarking For ExcellenceNov 2009
582PCB Designing SoftwareNov 2009
583Flatscreens: Internet, Integration, Inspiration And MoreNov 2009
584Deploying 802.11nOct 2009
585Design for EnvironmentOct 2009
586Gen 2.0 Wireless Gigabit Routers – ‘N’ Times BetterOct 2009
587Which Wireless Network to Use for Medical Applications?Oct 2009
588Should You Get A Blu-ray or A Regular DVD Player?Oct 2009
589Plasma Arc Gasification For Waste Management (Part 1 of 2)Jan 2009
590E-waste Management In IndiaJan 2009
591When the Going Gets Tough... The Tough Get GoingJan 2009
592India In Year 2008, Future Ahead!Jan 2009
593Get Embedded Right Away!Jan 2009
594Which Camera Phone To Buy?Jan 2009
595Opportunities Galore For Those Who Can Grab ThemJan 2009
596“Automobiles offer a huge opportunity”— Kai Wang, VP of sales & marketing and GM of the Asia-Pacific Region for FreescaleJan 2009
597“OLEDs represent the future of display technology”— Satish Kaura, CMD, SamtelJan 2009
598Automotive ElectronicsSep 2008
599RoHS and Its ImportanceSep 2008
600The industry needs more design-aware professionals—Sanjeev Keskar, Country Manager–Sales, Freescale SemiconductorSep 2008
601Digital Power-Conversion for Analogue EngineersAug 2008
602What Should India Manufacture?Aug 2008
603“The future we promise is full of innovation”—Tarun Jain, country head, Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (S)Aug 2008
604Nanotechnology for ElectronicsAug 2008
605Role of Time-Domain in Digital RFAug 2008
606T&M Instruments Join The Connected World Jul 2008
607“It is an exciting phase of the Indian electronics industry”—Harriet Green, CEO, Farnel Electronics Jul 2008
608“We have a clear philosophy of ‘technology first’ ”—Rajeev Mehtani, vice president and managing director, NXP Semiconductors, India Jul 2008
609“Test engineers need to keep pace with new wireless standards”—Jayaram Pillai, managing director for India, Russia and Arabia, National InstrumentsJun 2008
610WiMax Basics—Part-IJun 2008
611Electronic Load Management SystemJun 2008
612Remote PC Management with Intel vProMay 2008
613Digital Camcorders for Home MoviesMay 2008
614Emerging Markets Beyond MetrosMay 2008
615We are going to double our engineering capability in IndiaApr 2008
616Biometrics The Science of Human RecognitionApr 2008
617We will add another 100 R&D professionals this yearApr 2008
618WiMAX Makes The Most Sense In Rura l IndiaMar 2008
619Choosing and Using Photo SensorsMar 2008
620High-Speed Modulators for Fibre-Optic CommunicationMar 2008
622“Telecom is the Top Driver of Semiconductor Growth”—Sanjeev Keskar, country managersales, Freescale Semiconductor IndiaFeb 2008
6234G: An Ultimate Mobile SolutionFeb 2008
624Gizmos for the Maniacs!Dec 2008
625“We use non-toxic desiccants to remove humidity”— Dinesh Gupta, president, Bry-Air AsiaDec 2008
626Audio-out Splitter for Your LaptopDec 2008
627Tax Benefits for the Electronics IndustryNov 2008
628“We intend to start manufacturing in India by 2009”—Walter Regli, president and CEO, ERNI Group, and Dr Chris Bruhwiler, President & CEO of ERNI AsiaNov 2008
629The ABC of Network ProcessorNov 2008
630Inside the Smart HomeNov 2008
631LEDs: Lighting Management and Applications (Part 2 of 2)Oct 2008
632“By 2009, HP expects to extend the product-take-back service to consumers as well”—P. Ravindranath, director, public affairs, Hewlett Packard (HP) IndiaOct 2008
633How Smart Is Your Chip?Oct 2008
634Security Mechanisms for WLANsOct 2008
635Hack A Microcontroller with GNU/LinuxJan 2008
636Pervasive Computing: Computers EverywhereJan 2008
637RFID Technology: Is It Good Enough for Use?Jan 2008
638Wireless LAN: Security Threats and Best PracticesJan 2008
639Future Electric System for AutomobilesSep 2007
640Fighter Aircrafts: Armaments for Offence and Defence—Part 3 of 3Sep 2007
641Green PCs Need Not be ExpensiveSep 2007
642“Automation optimisation will keep companies competitive”— Pete Zogas, Senior Vice president of Sales and Marketing, National InstrumentsSep 2007
643Bluetooth Unleashed!Aug 2007
644Fighter Aircrafts—Part 2 of 3Aug 2007
645“We plan to fulfil a significant number of our manpower requirements from HCL CDCs”— Rajendra Kumar, Executive Vice President, HCL InfosystemsAug 2007
646“India will play a major role in driving the semiconductor industry”— Dr. N.S. Murty, Director, Technology Management, NXP Semiconductors IndiaJul 2007
647Bionics: Nature Inspired Approach for Scientific and Engineering System DesignJul 2007
648Bionic Limbs: A Great Hope!Jul 2007
649Fighter Aircrafts—Part 1 of 3Jul 2007
650LANs: Wireless Or Wired?Jul 2007
651FireWire: The IEEE 1394 Standard/InterfaceJun 2007
652Sine Wave Inverters: More Power When No Power!May 2007
653An Insight into Carbon NanotubesMay 2007
654Cognitive Radio: From Fiction to RealityMay 2007
655“We are trying to eliminate tremors in analogue design”—Steve Parks, worldwide director of marketing for high-performance analogue, Texas Instruments IncorporatedMay 2007
656Twin Hong Kong Shows Attract Many BuyersMay 2007
657Equipment and Structures Protection Against Lightning Strikes and Surges—Part-IMay 2007
658MOSFET or IGBT: What Rules?May 2007
659Synchronous Optical Network And Its Benefits—Part-IIMay 2007
660Some EMI/EMC Aspects We Should KnowApr 2007
661Using FPGAs in Wireless Base Station DesignsApr 2007
662“We are planning for servers with some more innovative technologies”—R. Ravi Chandran, sales director, Intel South AsiaApr 2007
663Computer Networking For SOHOsMar 2007
664Sahara Media Centre PC Model Spectra MC765124-MK10Mar 2007
665Embedded Systems in CommunicationsMar 2007
666A New Generation of Microcontrollers for MetersFeb 2007
667“LabVIEW 8.20 is the first step towards graphical system design”—Jayaram Pillai, managing director, National Instruments, India and John Graff, VP, marketing and customer operations, National InstrumentsFeb 2007
668UWB: A Step Closer to Wireless FreedomFeb 2007
669Unwired!Dec 2007
670The Basics of Photovoltaic CellsDec 2007
671USB for Computer Interface in ElectronicsDec 2007
672Industrial Automation Towards A No-People Factory!Nov 2007
673“As processing becomes digitalintensive, systems will require more analogue content”—Dr Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra, Managing Director, Texas Instruments (India)Nov 2007
674Radar Detection And DeceptionNov 2007
675CDMA: Redefining Wireless Mobility (Part 1)Nov 2007
676“Dish TV to roll out DTH services in SUVs”— Jawahar Goel, Managing Director, Dish TVOct 2007
677Regional Positioning System: A Boon For IndiaOct 2007
678Machine Monitoring Using PDAs and Wireless DevicesOct 2007
679Class-D Audio Amplifiers: What, Why and HowOct 2007
680E-waste and Its DisposalJan 2007
681Plasmonics: The Next Device TechnologyJan 2007
682VoiceXML for Faster and Smarter WorkingSep 2006
683“We want to Empower Engineers and Scientists”—Jayaram Pillai (managing director, India) and Victor Mieres(director, Asia and rest of the world), National InstrumentsSep 2006
684Philips Cineos LCD Flat TV42PF9831/69Sep 2006
685“Cadence Kits Help Design Firms Increase Predictability and Productivity”—Rahul Arya, Marketing Director-India and SAARC, Cadence Design SystemsAug 2006
686DVD Players: Make A Smart ChoiceJul 2006
687Chat with Your Interactive TVJul 2006
688Technology Behind Optical Switching—Part 2 of 2Jun 2006
689Batteries in DemandJun 2006
690“Our Mission is to Bring Easy and Total Solutions to the Indian Market”—Eric Payet, 8-bit ASSM Manager, STMicrolectronics, France and Semir Haddad, 16-/32-bit standard MCU Marketing Manager, STMicrolectronics, FranceJun 2006
691Grid Computing: A New ParadigmJun 2006
692Electricity Transmission Over Quantum WiresMay 2006
693Technology Behind Optical Switching—Part 1 of 2May 2006
694“The Bangalore design centre will initially focus on projects involving NAND memory”—Yoram Cedar, executive vice president of handset business and corporate engineering, SanDisk Corp., and Sanjay Mehrotra, COO & executive vice president, SanDisk Corp.May 2006
695Fibre-optic Networking Demystified!—Part 2 of 2Apr 2006
696“Now is the Right Time for Us to Get onto the Nanotechnology Platform”—Dr Rudra Pratap, chairman of Cranes Software International LtdApr 2006
697Making Homebrew PCBsApr 2006
698PCBs Today & TomorrowApr 2006
699Virtual World and VRML: A PrimerApr 2006
700“BEL is Set to Emerge as a Customer-Focused, Globally Competitive Company”—Y. Gopala Rao, CMD, Bharat Electronics LimitedMar 2006
701“LabVIEW8 Renders Design, Control and Test Faster”—Dave Wilson, director of International Marketing, National InstrumentsFeb 2006
702Microphotonics: The Successor to Electronics?Feb 2006
703Medical Attention Without WiresFeb 2006
704Datacasting: Data Riding the Airwaves—Part 2 of 2Feb 2006
705Trends in Educational & Training AidsFeb 2006
706Set up a Theatre in Your HomeDec 2006
707Design of Printed-Circuit Log-Periodic Antennae for EMI MeasurementsDec 2006
708Sahara Notebook NB55130-CJ66Dec 2006
709DVB-H to Deliver Television on MobilesNov 2006
710“India is emerging as a manufacturing base for several global OEMs”—Dr Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra, managing director, Texas Instruments (India)Nov 2006
711The Benefits of Space ExplorationNov 2006
712Inverters: Today and TomorrowNov 2006
713Intex R-45 DVD PlayerNov 2006
714Air-to-Air Missile: A Decisive WeaponOct 2006
715Plasma & LCD TVs: The World of TVs is FLAT!Oct 2006
716“Consumption of Semiconductor Products in India is Set to Increase”—Sanjeev Keskar, country manager-sales, Freescale Semiconductor IndiaOct 2006
717Smart Dust Motes as Moles and MoreOct 2006
718Avionics: Flying Becomes Safe & Easy!Oct 2006
719PCBs Coming of Age?Oct 2006
720Notebook PCs: Carry them with Style!Jan 2006
721MIMO Technology: Future WirelessJan 2006
722Destination India For Chip DesignJan 2006
723Take a Tour to a World Virtually Real!Jan 2006
724Datacasting: Data Riding the Airwaves—Part 1 of 2Jan 2006
725Nanotechnology: Hope or Hype?Jan 2006
726Network Security Using FirewallsSep 2005
727A First Look at DSOsSep 2005
728“India is on its way to becoming a powerful centre of technology and innovation”—John Daane, President and CEO, Altera CorporationSep 2005
729Satellite-Based Tsunami and Earthquake Early Warning System—Part 2 of 2Sep 2005
730Satellite-Based Tsunami and Earthquake Early Warning System—Part 1 of 2Aug 2005
731“Some of the world’s brightest ASIC and software system engineers are here in India”—Adrian Hartog, CTO, Sr VP & GM, Consumer Business Unit, ATI Technologies Inc.Aug 2005
732Wireless USB Simplifies LAN ExpansionAug 2005
733Digital Watches Aug 2005
734Supercapacitors Replacing Batteries?Aug 2005
735A Digital Camera That Clicks for You!Jul 2005
736DTH TV: An Update—Part IJul 2005
737“Predictive development is the key to surviving” —Sushil Gupta, vice president and managing director, Atrenta IndiaJul 2005
738From 2.5G to 3G or 4G?Jul 2005
739When Reality Meets RealityJun 2005
740Flat CTVs are the Rage!Jun 2005
741Timing is Right for Real-time Spectrum Analysers!Jun 2005
742“Semiconductor is The Next Big Thing”—Rajendra Khare, Chairman of India Semiconductor Association (ISA) and MD of Broadcom IndiaJun 2005
743Multimeters & Testers Become PortableJun 2005
744Gaming: A Serious BusinessMay 2005
745Microsatellites: A Viable AlternativeMay 2005
746“The Biggest Danger for a CEO is Isolation from His Troops”—Willem ‘Wim’ Roelandts, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Xilinx Inc.May 2005
747Digital Image Processing Tools—Part IIIApr 2005
748Man, Machine and IntelligenceApr 2005
749Get the Right CamcorderApr 2005
750Digital Imaging Concepts and Standards—Part IIMar 2005
751“Virtual instrumentation will push India to become an R&D superpower”—Victor Mieres, International Sales Director for Asia-Pacific, Russia & Middle East, National InstrumentsMar 2005
752MEMS Mirror Switches: How Reliable?—Part IIIMar 2005
753Projectors Getting SmarterMar 2005
754Logic Analyser Debug of FPGAsFeb 2005
755“We need to use more and more of the software developed by us in our electronics products”—Om Wadhwa, Chairman and MD, J.V. ElectronicsFeb 2005
756Do MEMS Mirrors Make Good Directors?—Part IIFeb 2005
757What to Expect in EDA Tools?Feb 2005
758Bring Home the TheatreDec 2005
759The Future Belongs to Spintronics!Dec 2005
760The Leadership ImperativeDec 2005
761“Our Goal is Delivery of ASICs on time and Make Them Work The First Time”—Dr Satya Gupta, Co-founder and VPEngineering, Open-SiliconDec 2005
762EDGE Technology: A Cost-Effective Route to 3GNov 2005
763Indians’ Growing Affair with the CellphoneNov 2005
764Nano Dreams Coming True!Nov 2005
765Telepresence: Be There Without Really Being There!Nov 2005
766Think Big Think Plasma/LCD TVOct 2005
767Restriction on Hazardous Materials: Threat or Challenge?Oct 2005
768“By Changing the Atomic Structure of the Metal We Create Better Soft Magnetic Materials”—Sanjay Seth, director-sales, Hitachi Metals Soft Magnetic Materials CompanyOct 2005
769Importance of Using Resettable Circuit Protection DevicesOct 2005
770High-Speed Challenges for ProbesOct 2005
771The Mirror That MEMS Built—Part IJan 2005
772Notebooks No Longer a Costly Affair Jan 2005
773Nanotechnology on Way to Raising the Dead?—Part IIIJan 2005
774Intelligent ClothingSep 2004
775Low-Power & Highly Secure FPGAs For HandheldsSep 2004
776PolyFuse: A New Standard For Circuit ProtectionSep 2004
777Notebooks On The MoveAug 2004
778Protocols OSI to TCP/IP—Part IIAug 2004
779Case Study: Faster Testing of ComponentsAug 2004
780PolytronicsJul 2004
781“The market for EDA tools is growing in India” —Dr Anand Anandkumar, managing director, Magma Design Automation IndiaJul 2004
782Basics of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors For Optimum PerformanceJul 2004
783PCs Below Rs 20,000Jul 2004
784MP3 VCD/DVD Players: Components & Their Servicing—Part XIIJun 2004
785“We Are On The Lookout For Local Talent”—Ronnie Lau, vice president, Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pte LtdJun 2004
786Inverters: Competition IntensifiesJun 2004
787Reliable PLCC Technology for ‘No New Wires’ ScenarioJun 2004
788Lower Your Measurement Costs With Virtual InstrumentationJun 2004
789Voice, Data and Video Over The Internet—Part IIMay 2004
790“More Semiconductor Manufacturing Has To Take Place in India” —Lim Siak Seng, CEO and Co-Founder, Advent Electronics Pte Ltd, SingaporeMay 2004
791Effects of Cell Phones On Your HealthMay 2004
792Smart Phones: Hot and HappeningMay 2004
793Understanding GSMMay 2004
794VLSI Designing: An OverviewMay 2004
795Processing of Steatite for HF and VHF ComponentsApr 2004
796Wi-Fi: To Roam Like Never BeforeApr 2004
797Bluetooth BasicsApr 2004
798Smart Bombs: The Precision StrikersMar 2004
799Thermoelectric CoolersFeb 2004
800Troubleshooting and Repair of CD Players and CDROM Drives—Part VIIIFeb 2004
801Microsoft TV: It Watches YouFeb 2004
802Beware, Security Loopholes Could Spell DoomNov 2004
803Is ZigBee Going to Become Big B?Nov 2004
804“Increasing PC penetration has made India a focus for Microsoft hardware” —Yolanda Chan, regional sales director,Asia and Greater China, Microsoft Home and Entertainment DivisionNov 2004
805Nano WondersNov 2004
806Simulating PID ControllerNov 2004
807“Our Reference Design Allows Cost-Effective Manufacture of STBs”—Pradeep Kumar, Country Director, STMicroelectronics IndiaOct 2004
808Auto Suspension Reinvented!Oct 2004
809Images Jump Off the 3-D ScreenOct 2004
810“The iX104 Tablet PC is a Truly Versatile Computing Solution”Jan 2004
811Emerging TechnologiesJan 2004
812Ultra Wideband: A Revolutionary Technology for Wireless CommunicationsJan 2004
813Magnetic Levitation VehiclesJan 2004
814Soldering and Desoldering EquipmentJan 2004
815ICT for Improving the Quality of LifeJan 2004
816Migration of GSM from 2G to 3GJan 2004
817GPS: A Deadly Weapon in Modern WarfareJan 2004
818"The Performance and Capacity Gap between Notebook and Desktop Drives is Diminishing"Sep 2003
819Medical Diagnostics: In Pursuit of Longer LifeSep 2003
820Quantum Teleportation—Star Trek StyleSep 2003
821Direct-To-Home TV: Transmission and ReceptionAug 2003
822DVD/VCD Players & VCRsAug 2003
823Digital Subscriber Line and Its ApplicationsAug 2003
824Many Facets of DVDAug 2003
825Speakers Of The MillenniumJul 2003
826RFID Tags To Track ObjectsJul 2003
827“We Should Focus on Embedded Systems”Jul 2003
828Robots Among Us Stalk the SentinelsJul 2003
829Telecommunications: Competition IntensifiesJul 2003
830Free Space Optics Bridges The Last MileJun 2003
831MP3 Video Players/Recorders: How they work?—Part IJun 2003
832Nanotechnology: New ChallengesJun 2003
833MP3 PlayersJun 2003
834Education & Training: Not In Line With Latest TechnologyJun 2003
835Organic Polymer LEDs: The Most Promising DisplayJun 2003
836"For Hardware Manufacture, The Real Problem That I Foresee is the Small Local Market"Jun 2003
837Wi-Fi: From Digital ‘Divide’ To Digital ‘Unite’Jun 2003
838Mobile Technology: Evolution From 1G To 4GJun 2003
839LED: The Ultimate LampMay 2003
840Indian Oscilloscopes: Yet to Make A MarkMay 2003
841"Only Those Scope Manufacturers Who Offer Total Solutions Will Gain Market Share"May 2003
842Scopes: Reducing Errors In Delta-Time MeasurementsMay 2003
843Virtual Instrumentation And LabVIEWMay 2003
844DSL: Twisted-Pair Access To Information Super-HighwayApr 2003
845Development of Software-Defined Radio—Part IIIApr 2003
846Telecom Revolution Is OnApr 2003
847Virtual Keyboards: Typing Out of Thin AirApr 2003
848"To be Good at PLD Design, You've to be Good at Software"Mar 2003
849Home Automation: Making Life SimplerMar 2003
850The Virus ScanMar 2003
851CD WritersMar 2003
852The Net Takes Flight!Feb 2003
853LCD Projectors To Present At BestFeb 2003
854Software-Defined Radio—Part IFeb 2003
855FCC Mark: The Passport to the US MarketFeb 2003
856It's Wi-Fi Not Hi-FiFeb 2003
857Clean & Efficient Fuel Cells—Part IFeb 2003
858Security Products in DemandDec 2003
859“Triple Play Offers Better Content Quality at Lesser Cost”Dec 2003
860Electronics of Metal DetectorsDec 2003
861"Energy-Efficient Design Techniques are required for Miniature Gadgets"Nov 2003
862Earth Simulator: A Quickie in ActionNov 2003
863CD Player Problems and Solutions—Part VNov 2003
864What's Going On in Networking IndustryOct 2003
865Optoelectronic Devices & Their ApplicationsOct 2003
866RFID And BeyondOct 2003
867"With LabVIEW, You Can Program All the Hardware in the System"Oct 2003
868Ethernet: From Wired to WirelessOct 2003
869Indian Hardware Industry: Quo Vadis?Jan 2003
870Design Convergence—The Next Big ChallengeJan 2003
871Digital Watermarking to Counter PiracyJan 2003
872Select Your Ideal Home PCJan 2003
873Plasma For Power GenerationJan 2003
874“Simputer is Bound To Cost Significantly Lower”Jan 2003
875Intranet Chat Program Using Visual BasicJan 2003
876Wallpaper ChangerJan 2003
877Bangalore: The New Chip CitySep 2002
878Satellite Launch Technology Part ISep 2002
879"Don't Do Something That Many Others Do Better Than You"Aug 2002
880Interfacing The PCI Bus Part -IAug 2002
881Spintronics: For the Ultimate in PerformanceAug 2002
882As Your Business Grows, So Must Your Key Telephone SystemAug 2002
883Biomagnetism: A Boon For MedicineJul 2002
884Go For High Impedance Digital MultimeterJul 2002
885Futuristic Wireless Communication Jul 2002
886"India Has Become An Important Design Centre" Jul 2002
887Mira: Wireless Detachable MonitorsJul 2002
888How Firewalls Protect NetworksJun 2002
889Know More About Fibre NetworksJun 2002
890Understanding CVTs For Their RepairJun 2002
891Designing Of An Embedded SystemJun 2002
892Know More About Fibre NetworksJun 2002
893"We Would Like to Distribute Indian Content Abroad"Jun 2002
894Passwords Are Out, Biometrics Is InJun 2002
895Play Safe Whenever Buying An InverterMay 2002
896Electronics For Better Diesel Engine ManagementMay 2002
897Electronics In Post-Recession JapanMay 2002
898The Future of m-CommerceMay 2002
899Wireless LANs Vs Wired LANsMay 2002
900The Indian IT Industry: A ReviewApr 2002
901How MP3 Players Sing Their SongsApr 2002
902Networks For HomeApr 2002
903Chip Design TrendsMar 2002
904Free and Fair Election: A Perspective Mar 2002
905Where Is The Network Business Heading?Feb 2002
906PCB Assembly TechniquesFeb 2002
907Singapore: The Preferred Electronics DestinationFeb 2002
908A Solution To The System-On-Chip Verification DilemmaFeb 2002
909Challanges Ahead For Test & Measurement Industry Feb 2002
910VoIP for Next-Generation Economical TelephonyDec 2002
911Wireless in Local Loop For Basic TelephonyDec 2002
912Satellites on Tough Missions—Part IVDec 2002
913The Trio Who Transformed The Twentieth CenturyDec 2002
914MEMS: Micro Machines Realising Macro ThoughtsDec 2002
915Futuristic Consumer ElectronicsDec 2002
916Acterna is Keen on Leveraging The Professional Talent in IndiaDec 2002
917Taiwan: The High-Tech IslandNov 2002
918Foiling Cell Phone TheftsNov 2002
919e-Learning: Learning to TeachNov 2002
920We Anticipate a Steep Growth in SIM card usage in IndiaNov 2002
921Satellites and Their Applications—Part IIINov 2002
922Making Unmanned Railway Crossing SafeOct 2002
923Know The Basics Of Network MonitoringOct 2002
924Satellite Payloads And Other Sub-SystemsOct 2002
925Integrating Security Systems For A Single Point of Management Oct 2002
926Bill Spintronics Suceed Electronics?Jan 2002
927Basic Concepts Of BluetoothJan 2002
928Documentation Of An Electronic ProductJan 2002
929Software And The New Business EconomyJan 2002
930Singapore: The Preferred Electronics DestinationJan 2002
931Battery Technology: Exploding In Many DirectionsSep 2001
932“Our R&D Related Activities In Relation to Otherr Countries Are Negligable"Sep 2001
933Exploring The Magical World Of Digital MoviesSep 2001
934Internet Over Cable TVAug 2001
935Dolby Sound Pro Logic IIAug 2001
936The Electronic Industry Of Andhra Pradesh: Overshadowed By The IT ThrustAug 2001
937Electromaganetic Radiation HazardsAug 2001
938MP3: Music On The WebAug 2001
939From RAMs TO CAMs: Co-processing Solutions For Multigigabit Networks- Part IIAug 2001
940The UK Electronics Centre Of EuropeAug 2001
941From RAMs to CAMs: Co-processing Solutions for Multigigabit Networks-Part IJul 2001
942Webpage Hosting And Designing For E-commerceJul 2001
943Bluetooth: Wireless Networking TechnologyJul 2001
944Chip Design: Early Flaw Detection Proves BeneficialJul 2001
945Batteries: Don't Take Them For GrantedJul 2001
946“WLAN Integrates Analogue And Digital Techniques" Jul 2001
947E-business And E-Commerce For Flexible, Fast And Adaptable BusinessJun 2001
948"Contexant Is Poised To Lead The Upcoming 3G Wireless Revolution" Jun 2001
949Optical Communications: The Revolutionary Broadband Enabler Jun 2001
950Proxies For Secure Networking Jun 2001
951Match UPS To Your Load RequirementsMay 2001
952Modern PCB Design TechnologiesMay 2001
953Inverters For Non-Stop Power SupplyApr 2001
954Today's UPS SystemsApr 2001
955Mumbai's Electronics industry: A Saga Of Hope, Despair, Glory and AntiguityMar 2001
956Transmission Media And Their CharacterticsMar 2001
957Giant Magentoresistance: Born To Lead Part IFeb 2001
958Karanataka's Electronics Industry: Changing With TimesFeb 2001
959Korea Millennium Products: Born Of High Technology And Futuristic DesignFeb 2001
960Designing Systems-On-ChipFeb 2001
961Intelligent Building: More of Wireles In FutureDec 2001
962Design Trends In Solar Cells For High EfficiencyDec 2001
963“There Is No Reason Why We Cannot Make A Mark In Hardware, As We Have Done In Software"Dec 2001
964PC Toxin: A Fact File Part IVDec 2001
965Effect Of War On Electronics IndustryNov 2001
966Role of Electronics In Laser Systems Part INov 2001
967“WAP Phones And GPRS And 3G Mobiles re Opening A New World Of Connectivity To The Internet"Nov 2001
968Internet Protocol Addressing Made EasyNov 2001
969A Technological Update On Test And MeasurementNov 2001
970Digital Multimeter: Choose The One With High ImpedanceOct 2001
971“It Is Time You Ordered The Computer Around"Oct 2001
972Four Innovative Ways of Using TimerOct 2001
973An Introduction to ADSLOct 2001
974Oscillator Jitter FAQ: An Application NoteOct 2001
975Know thy Audio/ Video CDsOct 2001
976Development So Far In Direct-To-Home TVOct 2001
977Lasers: Characterstics And ApplicationsJan 2001
978Networking And The ComponentJan 2001
979Oscilloscopes: Check Out Their Application Related CharactersticsJan 2001
980Email: The Cyber PostboxJan 2001
981"Leadership Through Quality Has Been Our Motto"Jan 2001
982Artificial intelligence For Speech RecognitionJan 2001

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